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Zen Builders California. has been serving California since 1999. Throughout our years of experience, we have stayed true to our personal commitment:

To deliver the highest level of SERVICE, EXCELLENCE, and INNOVATION to each homeowner.

We specialize in a variety of remodeling and new construction needs, providing superior labor and materials at the most competitive prices. Our experience, vision, and commitment provide unique solutions for each personal goal. Whether you plan to get a Room Addition, remodel your Kitchen or Bathroom, or have a complete home remodeling, we at Zen Builders California are here to assist you with constructing your dream home.

Vision / Statement

Zen Builders strive to preserve the Zen within the core elements of nature. We do so, by magnetizing our costumers’ remodeling goals and our outstanding customer service, utmost quality work, sustainability and efficacy. We use energy efficient, green base materials, which will bring your remodeling experience to a whole new level. We are a mindfully balanced remodeling company, which synchronizes the sense of natural design and a modern twist, to deliver a feel of serenity to our customers’ vision of what they see as their dream home.

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  • The Zen Builders team were always willing to meet our expectations. Thank you Zen Builders for a beautiful house. We’re enjoying it very much!

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